by Simon Benninga  

Principles of Finance with Excel will be published by Oxford University Press at the end of 2005.  At this point chapter drafts are available for downloading. The materials cover topics more elementary than those in my Financial Modeling book.

This webpage will develop into a forum for additional discussions and suggestions relating to the use of Excel in finance.  Readers are invited to submit questions and suggestions.


Lali Nathan of St. Mary's College:  Is there a function in excel to calculate Future Value of Uneven cash flow streams, at a particular interest rate?  Answer and spreadsheet .

Lali Nathan of St. Mary's College:  When we use FV function, to calculate FV say, in period 3, of a single payment made in period 1 - the excel function FV does not seem to differentiate whether this payment is made in the beginning of the year or at the end of the year.. so it gives me the same result whether I use '0' or '1' for the type field. Answer and spreadsheet .

* Khakan Ilyas (student at the Management School, Edinburgh University) writes:  I am doing an assignment where I need to have two y axis to show the data.  Can you please tell me how can I have 2 Y axis in Excel.  There is an example of this in Chapter 8 of Principles of Finance with Excel.  A spreadsheet with some more details is posted on the forum.

*  Janine Williams (PWC/NY) writes:  I have a column of numbers that represent start dates (ie.  20050318 = March 18, 2005).  I am trying to format these numbers so they look like a date, as opposed to an 8-digit number.  Any thoughts?   A spreadsheet with the answer is posted on the forum.