Lucian (Luke) Taylor

Assistant Professor of Finance
Wharton School
University of Pennsylvania

Phone: (215) 898-4802

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Working Papers

Do Funds Make More When They Trade More?
(with Lubos Pastor and Robert F. Stambaugh)
Revised February 2015
Online Appendix

Intangible Capital and the Investment-q Relation
(with Ryan H. Peters)
Revised September 2014

Published and Forthcoming Papers

Scale and Skill in Active Management
(with Lubos Pastor and Robert F. Stambaugh)
Journal of Financial Economics, 2015, 116, 23-45
Data Appendix
Online Appendix

Winner of the 2014 Best Paper Award, Rothschild Caesarea Center 11th Annual Academic Conference.

Winner of the 2014 Marshall Blume Prize in Financial Research for the best Wharton working paper (honorable mention).

A one-page summary, Capital Ideas, March 2014.


Featured in the NBER Digest (June, 2014), Wall Street Journal (February 22, 2014), Morningstar’s Rekenthaler Report (a four-part series: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4), CNN Money (March 2, 2014), Seeking Alpha (February 19, 2014), International Financing Review (February 26, 2014), Parkiet (February 25, 2014; in Polish).

Dynamic Debt Runs and Financial Fragility: Evidence from the 2007 ABCP Crisis
(with Gustavo Suarez and Enrique Schroth )
Journal of Financial Economics, 2014, 112, 164-189
Technical Appendix

CEO Wage Dynamics: Estimates from a Learning Model
Journal of Financial Economics, 2013, 108, 79-98
Technical Appendix

Why are CEOs Rarely Fired? Evidence from Structural Estimation
Journal of Finance, 2010, 65, 2051-2087
Technical Appendix

Entrepreneurial Learning, the IPO Decision, and the Post-IPO Drop in Profitability
(with Lubos Pastor and Pietro Veronesi)
The Review of Financial Studies,
2009, 22, 3005-3046.
Technical Appendix