Dealscan-Compustat Link Data

This dataset contains links between company names in LPC-Reuter's Dealscan database and Standard and Poor's Computstat database during the period 1983 to August 2012, enabling reserachers to merge the two datasets. The construction of this link file has been an ongoing process since 2002. The last two years, Wharton Research Data Services (WRDS) has been involved with the expansion and verification of the links. Conditions for the use of this dataset are as follows:

1) Please reference the following paper which contains details on the construction and usage of the data.

"How does Financing Impact Investment? The Role of Debt Covenants," with Sudheer Chava, Journal of Finance 2008, 63, 2085 - 2121. (formerly entitled "Is Financial Contracting Costly? An Empirical Analysis of Debt Covenant Violations")

2) If you find any errors or additional matches please notify me so that I can update the file and notify others.

Dealscan-Compustat Link Data: Excel File (Save the linked file)

The file is also available on Wharton Research Data Services (WRDS) and can be found under: Thomson Reuters --- WRDS-Reuters Dealscan --- Compustat Linking Table

Data may be used for non-commercial purposes free of charge. For all other uses please contact Michael R. Roberts.