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A Partnership in Innovation

The Rodney L. White Center is one of the oldest financial research centers in the country. It was founded in 1969 through a grant from Oppenheimer & Company in honor of its late partner, Rodney L. White. The Center receives support from its endowment and annual contributions from its Members.

The Center sponsors a wide range of financial research. It publishes a working paper series and a reprint series. It holds an annual seminar, which for the last several years has focused on household financial decision making.

The Members of the Center gain the opportunity to participate in innovative research to break new ground in the field of finance. Through their membership, they also gain access to the Wharton School’s faculty and enjoy other special benefits.

The Working Papers

The Center publishes working papers presenting the research efforts of the Wharton faculty. The goal is to distribute this new research as broadly as possible. Through this distribution, the Wharton faculty receive a high level of national and worldwide recognition.

Research Projects

The Center provides grants to faculty at the Wharton School who wish to undertake research in finance. Of special importance to the Center are research projects which are in the developmental stage and would not normally qualify for grants through outside agencies.

Rodney L. White Center for
Financial Research
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