[Photograph]                                    Oded Sarig
              Shrem, Fudim, Kelner Professor of Finance, IDC, Israel
                 Adjunct Professor, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

E-Mail: sarig@wharton.upenn.edu

Curriculum vita

Working papers:

Being a Public Company: Public Debt or Public Equity?(with E. Berkovitch and R. Gesser)

Measuring the Agency Costs of Dispersed Ownership: The Case of Repurchase Initiations” (with R. Halman and R. Gesser)


Corporate Finance: A Valuation Approach (with S. Benninga), Irwin/McGraw-Hill Series in Finance, 1996.

Solutions to end-of-chapter problems in Corporate Finance

Dividend Policy: Its Impact on Firm Value (with R. Lease, K. John, A. Kalay, and U. Loewenstein), Harvard Business School Press, 1999.

Selected works:

"The Timing of Initial Public Offerings" (with S. Benninga and M. Helmantel), Journal of Financial Economics, 2005

"A Time Series Analysis of Corporate Payout Policies" Review of Finance, 2004

"Risk, Returns, and Values in the Presence of Differential Taxation" (with S. Benninga), Journal of Banking and Finance, 2003

"The Real and Nominal Effects of Central Bank Monetary Policy" (with S. Kandel and M. Kahn), Journal of Monetary Economics, 2002

"The Information Value of Bond Ratings" (with D. Kliger), Journal of Finance, 2000

"The Demand for Stocks: An Analysis of IPO Auctions" (with S. Kandel and A. Wohl), Review of Financial Studies, 1999

"Real Interest Rates and Inflation: An Ex-Ante Empirical Analysis" (with S. Kandel and A. Ofer), Journal of Finance, 1996

"Learning from Trading" (with S. Kandel and A. Ofer), Review of Financial Studies, 1993

"Taxes and Capital Structure: Evidence from Firms' Response to the Tax Reform Act of 1986" (with D. Givoly, C. Hayn, and R. Ofer), Review of Financial Studies, 1992

"Dividend Surprises Inferred from Option and Stock Prices" (with S. Bar Yosef), Journal of Finance, 1992

"Some Empirical Estimates of the Risk Structure of Interest Rates" (with A. Warga), Journal of Finance, 1989