Problem Sets and Cases

Item Due Date Download
Problem Set 1 Tu 9/16 PS-1.pdf
Problem Set 2 Tu 9/23 PS-2.pdf
Problem Set 3 Tu 9/30 PS-3.pdf
Tollhouse Cookie Case Tu 10/7 Tollhouse Cookie Case.pdf
Problem Set 4 Tu 10/14 PS-4.pdf
Problem Set 5 Tu 11/11 PS-5.pdf
Problem Set 6 Tu 11/18 PS-6.pdf
Problem Set 7 Tu 11/25 PS-7.pdf
Problem Set 8 Not to be handed in PS-8+Solutions.pdf
Solutions to Problem Set 8   Included in Problem Set 8 file above
AOL-Time Warner 10am on Monday 12/8/03

To be submitted electronically to Webcafe

(see 12/4/03 handout)

AOL Time Warner (Entire Case).pdf

AOL Time Warner (Exhibits1-7,9).xls

AOL Time Warner (Exhibits 8, 10).doc

AOL-Time Warner Case Solution and Spreadsheets   03AOL Time Warner (Entire Solution).xls