Covenant Violation Data

This dataset contains all covenant violations reported in the SEC filings during the period 1996 to 2012 for publicly traded firms in the United States. Conditions for the use of this dataset are as follows:

1) Please reference the following paper which contains details on the construction and usage of the data.

"Control Rights and Capital Structure: An Empirical Investigation," with Amir Sufi, Journal of Finance, 2009, 64, 1657-1695.

(Note: This is an updated and improved - in terms of coverage - version of the dataset originally used in the published paper)

2) If you find any errors please notify me so that I can update the file and notify others.

Quarterly Covenant Violation Data: Excel File (Save the linked file)

Data may be used for non-commercial purposes free of charge. For all other uses please contact Michael R. Roberts.