Payout and Net Payout Time Series Data

This dataset contains annual and monthly time series for aggregate corporate payout (dividends plus equity repurchases) and net payout (dividends plus equity repurchases less equity issuances). Conditions for the use of this dataset are as follows:

1) Please reference the following paper which contains details on the construction and usage of the data.

"On the Importance of Measuring Payout Yield: Implications for Empirical Asset Pricing," with Jacob Boudoukh, Roni Michaely, and Matthew Richardson, Journal of Finance, 2007, 62, 877 - 915

2) If you find any errors please notify me so that I can update the file and notify others.

Payout and Net Payout Time Series Data: Excel File (Save the linked file)

Data may be used for non-commercial purposes free of charge. For all other uses please contact Michael R. Roberts.