Vincent Glode

Vincent Glode

Assistant Professor of Finance

Curriculum Vitae

Research Interests

My research focuses on the financial sector and its workers (e.g., fund managers, traders, regulators).  In particular, I build theoretical models to analyze how surplus is created and allocated in the sector.

Selected Publications

Asymmetric Information and Intermediation Chains  [with Christian Opp]
*  American Economic Review, forthcoming
*  Best Paper Award --- 12th Annual Conference in Financial Economics at IDC-Herzliya

Compensating Financial Experts  [with Richard Lowery]
*  Journal of Finance, forthcoming  [Knowledge@Wharton, Harvard Law School Forum, WP version]

The Labor Market for Bankers and Regulators  [with Philip Bond]
*  Review of Financial Studies 27, September 2014, pp. 2539-2579  [RFS Editorial, Harvard Law School Forum,
WP version]
*  Lead Article
*  RFS Editor's Choice Article

Financial Expertise as an Arms Race  [with Richard C. Green and Richard Lowery]
*  Journal of Finance 67, October 2012, pp. 1723-1759  [CFA Digest, Knowledge@Wharton
WP version]
*  Terker Family Prize in Financial Research for 2010 [2nd Place] --- Rodney L. White Center at Wharton

Information Spillovers and Performance Persistence for Hedge Funds  [with Richard C. Green] 
*  Journal of Financial Economics 101, July 2011, pp. 1-17  [
WP version]
*  Lead Article

Why Mutual Funds "Underperform"
*  Journal of Financial Economics 99, March 2011, pp. 546-559  
[WP version]
*  Best Paper Award (Capital Markets) --- 2008 Northern Finance Association Meeting
*  Best Paper Award (Investments) --- 2007 Financial Management Association Meeting

Working Papers

Can Decentralized Markets be More Efficient?  [with Christian Opp]

Bargaining with Asymmetric Costs for Information  [with Richard Lowery]


Corporate Valuation at Wharton since Spring 2010

Introduction to Finance at Carnegie Mellon in Summer 2007